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oct 2016 - If you are one of those people who worry about...
If you are one of those people who worry about high blood sugar, the news couldn’t be any better. If you also happen to be watching your weight, in addition to keeping a close eye on your blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, then you’re really in luck. New research indicates that a single prescription-free, blood sugar control pill may soon be able to accomplish what it takes a handful of expensive drugstore remedies to do. Five Birds with One Stone A team of medical researchers and scientists at Nexus Formulas have created a 5-in-1, glucose control breakthrough that targets the five major symptoms of metabolic syndrome. The Mayo Clinic describes metabolic syndrome as a cluster of conditions, which include increased blood pressure, a high blood sugar level, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol and triglyceride levels – all of which can occur simultaneously, ratcheting up one’s risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. “Having just one of these conditions increase your risk of serious disease,” adds, Bill Roberts, Head of Research. “Having more than one,” he says, “well, your risk is much greater.” New Breakthrough For Metabolic Syndrome Armed with this fact, Bill Roberts and his team developed MetaSupport, a new breakthrough combination of clinically proven compounds that mount a synergistic attack on an entire cluster of symptoms instead of targeting each symptom, individually. “Most health companies are content in targeting just one of these problems with their product,” says Roberts, “but we designed this formula to target all five symptoms of metabolic syndrome.” What Diabetics Dream About The result is a single pill that watches over blood sugar levels, while coaxing healthy levels of cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood pressure. The formula has been called a diabetic’s dream-come-true. In addition to restoring a healthier heart and blood sugar levels, the medical research team’s new formula goes the extra mile by burning away especially stubborn, hard-to-lose pockets of body fat. Unwanted Fat Melts Away Don and Linda Nelson of Tampa, Florida, are living proof. “My wife and I started taking MetaSupport™ about a month ago,” says Don. “After a couple of weeks, we noticed a wonderful difference in how much extra energy we had. Plus, both of us have already seen our waist lines slim down, too,” beams Don. ‘Tons of Energy’ “If we had known that losing weight and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels could be this easy, we would have started taking MetaSupport™ years ago!” The medical research team added a novel, four-nutrient grouping to help lower post-meal blood sugar levels and maintain healthy overall blood sugar levels. “We identified four clinically proven ingredients that have a long, safe, and highly effective track record,” says Roberts. Lower Blood Sugar From a plant in India, researchers combined a cholesterol-lowering compound found in its leaves with Morus Alba, an amazing plant substance that’s clinically proven in numerous studies to lower blood sugar levels without side effects. In one study, Morus Alba was shown to control blood sugar as effectively as a popular prescription medication for diabetes -- but without side-effects! Retired construction foreman, 67-year- old Larry K, Philadelphia, thought he was just getting old, but Nexus Formula’s MetaSupport™ convinced him otherwise. How to Feel Better “I just have to say how much better I feel since starting on MetaSupport™. The formula has given me a new lease on life. I’m actually starting to enjoy looking in the mirror!” Healthy Cholesterol In addition to reducing high blood sugar levels, Nexus Formula’s MetaSupport™ also helps maintain a healthy total cholesterol and HDL level while reducing “bad” LDL cholesterol. The formula also supports healthy levels of triglycerides, a type of fat found in blood. At the age of 58, once athletic and fit, Steve W., hit a road block. In a two-year period, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure, a heart condition, followed by ‘severely depressed’ energy levels. Feel Young Again “I felt like my world was falling apart,” he says. “I gained weight, lost my sexual urge, and got depressed.” Then, his life changed. “I started taking MetaSupport™ two months ago and I can truly say I’m already beginning to feel like a new man,” laughs Steve, “I feel young again!” High Blood Pressure? Morus Alba, the active ingredient in MetaSupport is also shown to stimulate the release of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is a molecule that relaxes arteries, increases blood flow, lowers blood pressure, and protects against artery plaque. In addition, morus alba is known to dilate your blood vessels. In one study, those who took morus alba for eight weeks had improved heart function and increased ability to exercise compared to those who took a placebo. Live Longer with Lower Numbers The metabolic syndrome is very real, and very deadly according to the Mayo Clinic. It is no run-of-the-mill health concern, it’s advance notice that you are on death’s doorstep. If you suspect you may have it, you have one option: it’s time to start living by the numbers; low numbers for your blood sugar, for your blood pressure, triglyceride and cholesterol levels, and a low number on your bathroom scale. There’s no easier way to safely lower your numbers than with Nexus Formula’s MetaSupport™. DOUBLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Due to the incredible results people are reporting, MetaSupport is being sold with an equally incredible guarantee. “We can only offer this guarantee because we are 100% certain this product will work for those who use it,” says Roberts. Here’s how it works: Take the pill exactly as directed. Your blood sugar must return to normal, you must lose weight, and your high blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels must come down. Otherwise, simply return the empty bottles with a short note about how you took the pills and followed the simple instructions and Nexus Formulas will send you…double your money back! The Salinas Californian Readers Get Special Discount Supply For Next 48-Hours Only This is the official release of MetaSupport™ in California. And so, the company is offering a special discount supply to The Salinas Californian readers who call within the next 48-hours only. All readers have to do is call TOLL-FREE 1-888-754-1896 and give the operator your Discount Approval Code: WZ174 . The company will take care of the rest. Important: Due to MetaSupport’s recent media exposure, phone lines are often busy. If you call and do not immediately get through, please be patient and call back. Those who miss the 48-hour deadline must pay more for MetaSupport™. New Blood Sugar Med Shocks Docs Natural super-pill controls your weight, blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure - company guarantees results or you get double your money back Using needles for injections may no longer be necessary for those suffering from diabetes Big Pharma executives scramble to fight release of MetaSupport™, the natural alternative that threatens their huge corporate profits.

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